Bizness Apps provides an uncomplicated approach in a mobile website builder. This service will help you create a mobile site that is sleek, simple to use and rewarding. With the amount of web traffic that goes across smartphone screens each day, there are nearly limitless opportunities for your business. This mobile site builder will help you get on the path to reaching your customers as they use their phones to find local businesses. There are 20 templates available to keep you up to date with the latest mobile website design, which is the biggest strength of this service.

The features available from Bizness Apps compare well with other mobile website builders. There's compatibility with Open Table and Constant Contact to help you provide greater satisfaction to your customers. If you're looking for drag-and-drop functionality, you won't find it with Bizness Apps. This builder is fully compatible with smartphones that use Android and iOS. If you want to reach customers with BlackBerry or Windows Phone devices, HTML5 is built into Bizness Apps to make your site viewable on those platforms as well.

Once you create an account with Bizness Apps, it's easy to get started on your mobile site. The 20 templates make this a quick and painless process. Once you select a template, you can customize it to suit the needs of your business. From there, you can add features and content to your mobile website to help you maximize traffic and generate more interest in your business.

Basic mobile site integration is available. You’ll be able to connect your mobile site directly to social media outlets. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, there are various plugins to select. There are also various other app connections you can make. These have a tendency to clutter your mobile web app unless you’re careful.

Bizness Apps has a few options for technical support. You can get in direct contact via email or telephone. If you prefer to troubleshoot your own problems, there is a helpful section of FAQs.

Bizness Apps Summary:

While all the basic and some innovative options are available, Bizness Apps is still not fully realized. Some of the app integration options were nice, especially the implementation of Google Analytics for site monitoring. This mobile website creator has some useful features to help you launch your site quickly and without much effort.


Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is compatible with some other existing apps such as Open Table.

There are few templates available with this mobile site builder.

The Verdict
: 7.95/10

Although it lacks some advanced features, this mobile website builder is useful due to its compatibility and versatility.